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Enter the glamorous world of female style.

Festival Chic

Festival beauty calls for bare legs, trend-inspired festival hair and a hefty dose of attitude. From flower-strewn wavy hair to sexy legs and Sixties beehives, we've got it covered. Rock on girls

The most beautiful and girlie festival look calls for perfect legs and wavy hair adorned with flowers. Say hello to the floral crown, as sported by singing superstar Lana Del Ray and at Coachella earlier this year on actress Vanessa Hudgens. “Simply allow hair to dry naturally into loose waves,” suggests superstar session stylist Sascha Breuer. “Then add a texturising product through the ends.” Finally crown yourself with a supersize floral hair band and your festival beauty look is nailed.

“This style looks best worn with a simple floral print frock,” says fashion stylist Sophie de la Fou. “Bare legs are sexy legs so get your skin in tip-top shape first.” Exfoliation will give you perfect legs so forget shaving and combine this with epilation for super smooth skin. Try the Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa, which has a flexible head that adapts to the contours of your body and an innovative exfoliation brush. No more red shaving bumps, expensive waxing or in-grown hairs.

Forget the straighteners and get go-to gorgeous festival hair in an instant. “Let hair dry naturally or if your hair is poker straight create two thick plaits when the hair is wet and allow it to dry this way,” says Sascha. This will give you pretty, wavy hair. To avoid looking old-school hippy, try a side parting and add some gloss. “Brush through with Braun Satin Hair 7 brush, which uses IONTEC technology to create instant smoothness and shine,” Sascha suggests. This revolutionary, portable heated hairbrush fights frizz and removes static, making hair visibly shinier. Your friends will hardly believe you haven't just rocked up straight from the salon!


A beehive updo is one of the most glamorous and practical hairstyles for festivals. Perfect to give your festival beauty look a Sixties twist or a punk princess effect! “Gather your hair into a high pony and hold at the top of your scalp in one hand,” explains Sascha. “This is ideal festival hair as it looks best on unwashed hair.” Then simply move your hand high up the pony to create some volume at the crown. Next coil the pony, from your hand to the ends, twisting into a bun and tucking it under the hair. Secure with pins as needed, especially around the sides. Finally a quick blast of hairspray is all you need for funky festival hair!
Author: Isabel Dexter