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Join the glosse posse with the latest skin saviour device

Want the most touchably smooth skin this Valentine's Day? Easy peasy with the latest new superstar epilator-exfoliator combo. Get ready to glow

With Valentine's day dates on everyone's minds this month, naturally a girl's thoughts turn to ensuring her legs are silky smooth and with a sheen to rival a supermodels. Radiant, glowing skin is top of our beauty wish lists this month but that's not always easy in the middle of winter after months of being wrapped up in cosy woollens to protect from the harsh elements.

“Gleaming, glossy skin always looks beautiful,” agrees beauty stylist and skincare expert Sophie de la Fou. “Makeup and hair trends come and go but clear, smooth skin with a youthful sheen is always attractive.” Easy enough if you have the time and money to spend in a spa but with most of us juggling high-pressured careers, a whirlwind social life, family obligations and of course our love lives, taking time out to properly pamper yourself can be tricky.

Luckily, there's a brand NEW wonder product out this month that means you can get perfect pins at the flick of a switch. Welcome the sleek and sexy Braun Silk-épil 7 Skin Spa. Like all the best spa treatments, this innovative product has been designed to give double the beauty boosting effects with minimal effort. Removing even the shortest unwanted hair, this is the most efficient wet & dry epilator – ever! And for that deluxe spa feel the device now comes with an exchangeable brush head for expert exfoliation for radiant, glowing skin. Want a demo? Here's how:

The innovative technology, the first product of its kind in the entire world, is combined with a classic concept based on the timeless beauty ritual of 'remove and restore', which has remained unchanged for centuries. From a holistic massage, which removes tension and restores well-being, to the ancient art of hair removal in Cleopatra's Egypt where bronze razors or beeswax were used to remove hair followed by a soak in a warm milk bath – a natural exfoliant – to remove dead skin cells. Luckily nowadays a naturally flawless complexion is much simpler!

Flick a switch and get ready for the most radiant skin you've ever experienced. For proof see our video here. Not just for sexy legs, Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa's exfoliation device can be used all over the body for a gleaming decolletage, arms, back and shoulders. As all beauty gurus know regular exfoliation stimulates the regeneration of the skin's surface and improves the texture as well as preventing ingrown hairs. What's not to love? The results speak for themselves: Softer, more radiant, younger looking skin with a healthy glow that he'll find impossible to resist!

Author: Isabel Dexter