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Enter the glamorous world of female style.

Hot to Trot

From red-carpet to reality with the new Braun heat-sensitive hair styler

This month is the perfect time to practice your wow 'em party hairstyles for the upcoming Christmas season. If you want the latest looks and super sexy, healthy hair you'll love Braun's new Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler. Whether you want to play the femme fatale with screen siren waves or prefer a Sixties style that's straight off the runway, it's easy peasy with this wonder tool that cleverly adapts the temperature according to the moisture levels in your hair. Cue smoother, more long-lasting styles all season!

Hair guru and stylist to the stars, Sascha Breuer shows you how to look red carpet worthy at every party with his hot-to-trot how-to videos. It's back to beauty school, in the comfort of your own bedroom!

Paris chic

Simply run the straighteners from root to tip twisting inwards slightly at the ends. “The temperature automatically adjusts as it moves from root to tip,” explains Sascha. Then take sections from the crown and clip back. “This style is great for creating body on straight hair or smoothing wavy hair into a sophisticated style,” adds Sacha. The final look is elegant and oh so chic. Paris match indeed. Watch the video for a step-by-step how-to.


Iconic waves

Old Hollywood, screen star looks are simple with the new Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler. First create a deep side parting and divide the hair into sections. “Take individual strands and using the styler bend outwards and then inwards to create a structured look,” says Sashca. “A deep twist inwards at the ends will create that Twenties Great Gatsby effect.” For Sascha's expert top tips watch the video now.


Up and down

“For beautiful, shiny hair, it's so easy,” says our model Victoria. Sascha agrees: “This is a modern tool for super sexy, shiny hair that will stay healthy,” he adds. Simply straighten the lengths whilst the top section is pinned roughly up onto the crown. Then smooth the straighteners over the top section before backcombing and pinning for a fresh effect.
For a simple how-to see the video here.

Sexy waves

“This is the world's first styler that adjusts its temperature according to your hair,” says Sascha. No wonder it's ideal for creating sexy waves as well as super-smooth lengths. After straightening take two fingers and wrap a strand of hair around it. Remove your fingers and clamp the hair for two seconds with the straightener. Then pin to allow to cool. Finally unpin and brush through for shiny waves.

Here's how with Sascha's video tips.

Author: Isabel Dexter