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Enter the glamorous world of female style.

The A-list skin guide

Ever felt a bit jealous of the Bambi legged celebs posing on the red carpet? With their glossy skin preened to perfection, it’s hard not to feel a pang of envy now and again. But with our hints and tips, we reckon you’ll be ready to rock the latest beach styles in no time.

Want to give both your mind and body a boost? A soaking ritual is just the way to do it. Fill a bath with warm water and scented oil so you can truly relax and unwind. Try lavender for curing anxiety or chamomile to promote calm. Soak in the bath for around 20-30 minutes with a cleansing face mask before gliding your Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa gently up your legs. Getting rid of unwanted hairs as short as 0,5mm, you’ll be left with silky smooth pins. The ideal alternative to the stress of waxing and shaving, make sure you stretch your legs out for the best results!


skin guideExfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate
A combination of the cold and indoor heating causes skin to become dry, scaly and flaky, leading to that dull lifeless skin you get following the winter months. If you want to give your skin a boost make sure you exfoliate properly after removing hair. Braun’s SkinSpa system comes complete with its own exfoliating head, so all you need to do is pop that on and gently brush away all the dead skin cells. Ideal for sensitive skin, this gentle technique will you feeling soft and smooth with no angry red patches.

Get a spray tan Improving the appearance of cellulite and smoothing out any lumps and bumps, a good quality spray tan will work wonders for your complexion. Just remember to check out our fake tan guide first – nobody wants to be rocking oompa loompa feet on a big night out.

Moisturise and cover blemishes
Once your tanned it’s time to moisturise. Choose a thick scented moisturiser that’ll leave your legs really soft and leave plenty of time to let it sink in. The nice smell will cover up any traces of fake tan aroma- so you won’t go out smelling like biscuits! Before you head to your party, try smoothing on a little shimmery oil- it’s the ultimate key to sexy legs. Just like your face you can cover any blemishes with a spot of concealer or foundation.

Give yourself a pedicure
There’s no point having flawlessly smooth legs if you don’t have the feet to finish the deal. If you’re feeling flush go for a professional pedicure. But if not we recommend smothering your feet in moisturiser and wrapping them in cling film for an hour to get the skin silky smooth. Finish off by applying your favourite nail varnish and your toes will be looking party perfect.

Author: Lizzie Cernik