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Step into your Spring skin

Super-smooth, fuzz-free skin for Spring in 15 minutes!

It's not quite time to count down to a bikini body but Spring is definitely in the air and that means daring to bare for sunny Spring days and sultry new season nights. Luckily getting supermodel-esque skin is easy peasy thanks to Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa. Make space in your bathroom, and in your heart, for the world’s first epilator that not only offers better-than-waxing performance on short hairs but also sonic skin refinement through a specially developed exfoliation brush, giving you glowing, naturally radiant skin – all over!

Based on the age-old beauty philosophy of 'Remove and Restore’, this super sleek device has all the charm (and none of the hassle or credit card bashing!) of a day at the spa. Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa gives you twice the treatment for skin that's doubly beautiful and touchably soft.

Remove and Restore
Flawless skin has been the ultimate beauty pursuit since Cleopatra bathed in milk (a natural exfoliant) after shaving to keep her complexion silky soft. First simply remove body hair to reveal smoother, sexier skin and then restore a healthy sheen through exfoliation, which leaves skin tone more even and with a goddess-like glow.

The Ritual
Celebrity aesthetician Abi Aksoy and dermatologist Dr. Benedetta Brazzini, from one of London’s famous Harley Street clinics, have created this indulgent and truly unique Remove & Restore ‘ritual’

Rise and Let Your Skin Shine Ritual
Allow 15 minutes

Want a quick radiance boost but don’t have a lot of time? This ritual will rejuvenate your skin.

spring skin1. Before you begin, make sure you have your Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa to hand with the exfoliation head attachment.

2. Let the shower run for at least two minutes to allow steam to build up. This clears pores and makes you feel wide awake!

3. Add a couple of drops of zesty orange or lemon essential oil to the base of the shower: these oils are energising and uplifting.

4. Step into the shower, close your eyes and allow the warm water to run over you for at least 4-5 minutes.

5. Begin cleansing using a medium to firm pressure.


spring skin6. Now get your Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa exfoliation brush for an extra body beauty boost. Start at your ankles and work upwards, using large circular motions, concentrating on the rougher parts of your arms, elbows and legs, and using a firm and even pressure to ensure the dead skin cells are removed, and the blood starts pumping.
7. Finally, rinse your body all over with warm water, then follow with a blast of cold water to close your pores and keep skin healthy!
8. To ensure your legs stay super-smooth and stubble-free, repeat the ritual 2-3 days after exfoliation but this time replace your brush attachment for your Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa epilator head. Epilate using an even, medium pressure, working your way upwards from your ankles and taking care on more sensitive areas like your knees and ankles.

spring skinSexy skin tip! “It’s important to exfoliate regularly to keep skin smooth, glowing and healthy, and to also help prevent ingrown hairs,” says dermatologist Dr. Benedetta Brazzini. “If you suffer from these, exfoliate two to three times a week with the Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa and apply tea tree oil, which has anti-bactierial properties, to prevent infection and reduce inflammation”

Author: Isabel Dexter