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The New Valentine's Rules

The New Valentines Rules

Look effortlessly gorgeous whether it's your first date or simply a celebration of true romance. All you need is love. And our guide...

We've all been there. The big Valentine's Day dilemma. How to do girly, gorgeous and effortlessly natural beauty without losing that va va vamp sex appeal that makes him go weak at the knees? The key is confidence and nothing says man magnet like a girl who knows what suits her, whether it's berry-coloured lipstick, big hair or a sexy chignon. Here's our top tips to up the ante for the biggest date night of the year.

1. Oh la la lovely

“French women know that looking sexy requires a delicate balance of covering up and showing some skin. For an elegant way to flash some flesh forget cleavage and wear a dress or top that shows off your back, shoulders and collarbone instead. Far more intriguing.

Emphasise your neck and ears with a soft chignon that looks feminine. Simply blow dry hair as usual and if you have curly or wavy hair then straighten using Braun Satin-Hair 5 multistyler for a smooth effect. “Part hair down the centre, pull hair to one side and split into two sections, holding one in each hand,” advises session stylist Sascha Breuer. “Then tie the two sections into a loose knot and use pins to hide the ends and attach to the head.” Finally finish with a spritz of hairspray and get ready for the compliments!

2. Coming up rosesph-content-new-valentines-rules-pic-2

Nothing gives a healthy, youthful, loved-up glow like a date with someone you love. Well nothing other than the new breed of blushers in fact! If you have dark or tanned skin opt for a creamy apricot shade for an effortlessly pretty effect that looks especially chic when paired with soft, smoky eyes in deep taupes and chocolate browns.

If you're pale a soft berry shade on the apples of your cheeks will lift your complexion and make the whites of your eyes appear brighter too. Try a product that doubles up as a cheek and lip colour to save you time and money or choose a blush with a hint of shimmer for a head-over-heels in love flush.

ph-content-new-valentines-rules-pic-33. Shine On

Silky, smooth, super shiny hair that is soft to the touch and looks healthy and natural is always attractive. If you're short on time and heading to your date straight from work then plan in advance. Use an intensive conditioner the night before to get your mane in tip top condition and then simply brush through the lengths with Braun Satin-Hair 7 brush with IONTEC before you leave your desk. This nifty brush banishes static and creates the sort of glossy gleam that will have him mesmerised all night long!

ph-content-new-valentines-rules-pic-4If you're feisty and love the idea of a look-at-me lip colour then get ready to revel in his attention. Pillarbox red is a real spotlight stealer and has the added advantage of making your teeth look extra pearly white too. If you're new to bright lip colours then start with a deep berry shade that suits most skin tones. For a natural, stained effect apply a swipe of lipstick and then blot with tissue. Reapply, dotting just on the centre of your bottom and upper lip and then blot again. This creates the illusion of a fuller pout.

Author: Isabel Dexter