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Beauty Doctor: Our Experts Super Solution For Every Skin Problem

Fresh-faced beauty is always on trend especially as we go into the colder autumn months where healthy, flushed cheeks and flawless skin are our beauty must-haves.

We ask our resident Beauty Doctor to fix your skin woes so you can boast a model-perfect complexion, whatever your skin type, every day without fail.

Q: I have very dry skin. How can I keep my complexion looking dewy during the autumn months?

A: Moisture is key so use a good quality facial oil (Argan oil is perfect for dry skin and can also be used for creating sexy hair styles or just to get luscious shiny, healthy hair). Superstar makeup artist Lucia Pieroni offers her insider expert tips for getting ready.

She created what she termed “sexy but moist skin – as if the girls had been dancing the flamenco on a hot summer's evening” for the Spring/Summer 2013 Missoni show.

Backstage she told us that using the pads of the hands to literally 'press in' moisturiser onto cheeks is the secret to that glossy gorgeous look the models were rocking.

Q: My skin is very oily even during winter, when sometimes it seems worse the more make-up I wear. What can I do?

A: Don't think that just because you have oily skin that oils will be a mistake. Choose carefully, for example tea tree works as an antiseptic which can banish blemishes.

Dot a little onto your spots before going to sleep to wake up to a better complexion.
Use a simple, fragrance-free moisturiser too as often heavily-scented ones can irritate oily skin.
Also carry tissue with you to blot during the day instead of layering on the foundation.

Q: I have extremely sensitive skin and in winter it gets very flushed and red, especially my nose. I don't want to look like Rudolph! What should I do?

A: Often red, flushed skin is a sign that your skin is reacting to the elements. Try Rosehip oil which calms skin and reduces redness. Next use a creamy, rich moisturiser that will act as a barrier between your skin and the cold weather.

Try one specially formulated to soothe irritated skin. Ensure your creams and oils soak in thoroughly before applying a thin layer of foundation. Dusting translucent powder over the top (especially your nose) should help with the redness too.

Isabel Dexter