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Beauty is our duty: Instant super smooth skin from top to toe

Insider tips and tricks galore. We spill the beans on how to keep your legs looking super-smooth now summer is over.

As a magazine Beauty Editor for the last 8 years and now Editor-In-Chief of Braun beautista, Isabel Dexter knows a thing or two about the latest go-to products and the insider tips and tricks, from backstage at the shows to those failsafe bathroom-tested secrets that she usually only shares with her friends. This month, she spills the beans on how to keep your legs looking super-smooth now summer is over.

So those blissful few months of bare, sun-soaked skin, wearing sandals everyday and not having to worry about running to M&S on your lunch break to stock up on black opaque tights, is over.
Heart breaking, isn't it?

Personally I adore autumn but that realisation that your legs are more lizard than lovely, thanks to the drop in temperature outside and pesky heating or air-conditioning inside, is enough to have anyone searching for some last-minute flights to a far-flung tropical haven.

In fact, autumn is the perfect time of the season for some beauty SOS (that's Save Our Skin, don't you know?!) because you're not baring your legs to the elements everyday.

So I've compiled my Love Your Legs list to ensure you have glossy gorgeous pins all autumn long.

1. Take time to exfoliate. Use a scrub with moisturising ingredients for an added boost. Pick your products carefully. Braun Silk-épil 5 epilator is ultra gentle if you're new to epilation. It also contains a cooling glove to soothe skin afterwards.

2. Switch your daily body lotion for a rich body oil that will give you baby soft skin. Apply at night, to shower-damp limbs.

3. Fuzz-free skin isn't just about legs. Braun Silk-épil bikini styler removes any unwanted hair from bikini line, eyebrows and face without irritation. A precision head makes it easy-peasy to use too.

4. Eat foods rich in Omega 3 and 6 for soft skin from the inside.
Try oily fish, like salmon and also nuts, such as brazil nuts for a healthy dose of skin-saviour Vitamin E.

Author: Isabel Dexter