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Top 5 tips for the perfect tan

From vibrant oompa loompa streaks to those tell tale marks around your ankles, we’ve all had our share of fake tan disasters. Even some of the top celebs have been papped tottering down the red carpet looking more radioactive than lightly bronzed. So if you want to look fantastic not tangotastic, where do you start?

1. Remove hair

Before attempting to apply your tan, make sure you’ve defuzzed your pins.
Rather than shaving, which will take off a layer of tan, why not give epilating a go?

Keeping skin silky smooth for longer, the Braun Silk-épil epilators will give you sexy legs by removing even the shortest of hairs.

2. Exfoliate and moisturise
You should be exfoliating your skin daily to prepare for a fake tan. Whether you’re opting for a professional tan or applying your own, it helps to remove dead skin cells and prolongs your colour.
When you moisturise, allow it to fully absorb before you apply the tan. You’ll also need to remove any make up, perfumes or deodorant before you or your therapist gets to work.

3. Use a barrier cream
Invest in a barrier cream and apply it to your elbows, knuckles, knees and between fingers and toes before your tan.
It’ll help you avoid an orangey build up in those areas.

4. Choose the right colour
When it comes to tanning, less is always more. If it’s your first time opt for the lightest shade. (Nobody wants to emerge from the tanning salon with a bright orange glow.)

You need to make sure your tan matches your skin tone so try checking out an online skin guide to determine your colouring before you splash out on an expensive bottle of fake tan.

If you’re really pale, you might want to start with a gradual fake tan moisturiser to avoid streaks.

5. Correct fake tan distasters
If you do go overboard on the colour front, don’t panic. Take a long bath and exfoliate as much as possible.
The more time you spend in water, the faster your tan will fade. Use circular motions with the loofah to ensure the tan disappears evenly.

If you’re looking blotchy, you can also try rubbing dry baking soda into damp skin to remove the excess.

Author: Lizzie Cernik