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Style it up: Gorgeous autumn hair

Style it up: Gorgeous autumn hair

The summer tan might be fading, but at least it gives us a good excuse to revamp our style. If you’re looking for the perfect 2013 hairstyle, we’ve got some great ideas for the new season. For top tips on cut before you style, check out our “A list hair guide”.

Style it up: Gorgeous autumn hairLow ponytails

Forget straggly sad looking hair scraped behind your head. This year is all about the sleek low ponytail. For a simple work friendly look, straighten your locks with the Braun Satin Hair 5 multistyler, before tying loosely at the base of the neck. Offering hair heat protection, you’ll get that sexy hairstyle minus the damage. To create more detail, twist a section of straightened hair around the ponytail once it’s finished, pinning securely in place. Ideal for medium-length and long hair, it’s one of the simplest looks to achieve.

Style it up: Gorgeous autumn hairBouffant chignon

The popular ‘chignon’ style is back- and it’s bigger than ever. To create an ultra-sleek look, brave fashionistas should combine the chignon with the ‘wet look’. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but this super slick ‘wet’ effect is hot on the catwalks right now. Try it out by massaging a thick leave in conditioner through your locks before styling. Pull the hair back with a wide tooth comb before creating your chignon bun. Not only is it bang on trend, the conditioner will ensure your hair feels incredibly soft by the end of the day.

Style it up: Gorgeous autumn hairFunky braided dos

Loose plaits might feel a bit summery, but a tightly done French prep will compliment this season’s preppy catwalk looks. Ideal for the office, this classic style can be spiced up for the evening with slides or wet look gel. To get the perfect plait, brush your hair backwards and pull a section of hair (around three to four inches wide) from the middle of your head. Ensuring it’s all the length from the same part of your head, begin to braid the hair, gradually incorporating more hair as you go down. Try to keep the plait as tight as possible, using product to smooth very frizzy or curly hair.  To spruce it up for a night time look, twist the finished braid into a low bun and secure with grips. For a less slick version, try plaiting two sections of hair from either side of your head, before tying halfway across your head and twisting the rest into a messy ponytail or medium height bun.

Author: Lizzie