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How to rock a short hairstyle

This summer the coolest trend hot off the red carpet and the runways is the ultra cute pixie hair cut. If you're trying to figure out a new short hair style for sultry summer hair or you're asking yourself what hair style will work from beach, to boardroom, to bar then luckily help is at hand. Superstar session stylist to the A-list actresses that count, Sascha Breuer, shares his expert advice and top tips about how to get the best hair cut for a sexy, feminine style that's a cut above the rest!

“What’s so great about the short hair trend is that it’s a fresh and funky take on hairstyling, but it’s so feminine and flirty at the same time!” says Sascha. “It’s such a versatile cut that you can totally keep changing your look to match your mood.”

When clients ask which hair style will play up cheekbones and emphasise their features, Sascha suggests a pixie cut, like the flirty look Charlize Theron is rocking. A great cut and healthy hair are the key and it's all in the styling, so if your pixie is slightly longer than Charlize's it will be even more versatile.

Here's how:

1. Short hair still benefits from a hair treatment, especially if you have curly hair, which tends to be naturally slightly drier. Wash and do a treatment and then let hair dry naturally after rubbing in some mousse. Part on one side and comb it through.

2. Take a few drops of a texturising product on your hands and run your fingers through the hair to add some quality to it. Then, using Braun Satin Hair 7 Sensocare with IONTEC, run through the ends of your hair to make it ultra shiny. The IONTEC technology means this versatile hair straightener will add shine and the temperature control will ensure you won't damage your hair too.

3. Use a styling mousse on the hair at the very front, just at your hairline, to raise a small section of the hair and add some volume and movement to it. Do this to create a small, side swept quiff to frame your face.

4. Play around with the quiff using some mousse till you’re happy with how it looks. It’s as simple as running your fingers through the hair with a little hair gel until you’re satisfied with the shape and height of the quiff.
“The quiff really helps to add a glamorous rocker-chic vibe to the look and it adds a bit of drama and oomph, “ reveals Sascha. Cool yet classic, just the thing for gorgeous summer hair.

Author: Isabel Dexter