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Organic hair dyes: The Smart girl’s guide to great hair

Why organic is best for perfect silky locks

From a Katy Perry style mane of dip dye locks to a few subtle highlights, nothing beats getting your hair professionally coloured. After a few hours of foils and flicking through gossip magazines you emerge a new woman (even if it does always manage to start raining the second you leave the salon...) But with prolonged use harsh chemicals can make your hair look more ‘bird’s next’ than red carpet glam, especially if you also use straighteners. Particularly problematic for blondes who regularly use bleach, it might be time to switch a more natural alternative. Luckily for us, beauty gurus have introduced a fantastic selection of organic dyes in recent years.

So what are the benefits?
Advocated by top London salons including Hoxton Salon and Karine Jackson, organic dyes offer great colour without the chemical build-up you get with traditional hair dyes. Pigments are derived from natural products and the dyes don’t strip down the fibre of the hair, keeping it healthier. And if you’ve ever suffered from hair dye allergies, you’re far less likely to have a problem with organic dyes. Organic dyes also add strength and shine, so you won’t get that lacklustre appearance. If you team it up with the Braun Satin 7 Colour hairdryer with colour protect technology, you’ll find your locks retain even more of that post salon glow we all love.


Should you go organic?
Although prices are slightly higher for organic hair dyes, the benefits far outweigh the small difference in wallet weight. Getting your hair done is a treat for most of us, so you might as well get it done properly. Before you make the switch make sure you research good organic salons in your area through Facebook and review websites.

Editor’s pick
Want to prep your hair for an organic dye session? I suggest you switch to an organic shampoo and conditioner a few weeks before you book in for a treatment. For my curly hair one of the best products is Organic Care Systems aqua boost, which adds moisture to dry chemical abused locks. For the best results always double cleanse your hair with small amounts of shampoo and invest in a high quality leave-in conditioner. Once a week try to find time for a longer hair washing session, where you leave the products in for 10-20 minutes.

Author: Lizzie Cernik