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Red-carpet ready in an instant

Red-carpet ready in an instant 1. Forget that messy, holiday hair updo, this is the summer of the uber elegant updo. For curly hair, wavy hair or even poker straight locks nothing looks better for a summer party than a fresh, young style that appears high maintenance but is really easy peasy. Take inspiration from celebrities on the red carpet like Jessica Biel, who has recently been rocking a modern take on classic Hollywood healthy hair.

Sascha shows us how to rock A-list locks, especially if you have curly hair or frizzy wavy hair. “This look is ideal if you have texture in your hair,” he suggests. “The style may become looser or softer as the night goes on, but that will only look more feminine and gorgeous.” Sounds like a lust-have for summer. Here's how:

Red-carpet ready in an instant 1. It's all in the prep. “As when you're cooking a great meal and rely on those kitchen essentials, make sure to stock up on the right tool kit like the professionals!” says Sascha. He suggests investing in some great elastics that work for your hair thickness and a selection of grips.

2. Practice makes perfect. “You wouldn't cook a new dish on the night of a first date, so make sure this updo becomes one of your tried-and-tested favourites, by practising a few nights before the big party,” suggests Sascha.

3. Wash hair and towel dry. Wait until the hair is about 90% dry then apply a golf ball sized amount of volumizing mousse. Start drying the hair backwards using your fingers to add some texture and remember to spray hair first with a heat protection product for healthy hair.

4. Take strands from the front to the back and run through with Braun Satin Hair 5 Multistyler, whose temperature regulation and ceramic floating plates will ensure you get healthy hair and glossy textured waves. “The specialist rounded edges of the plates allow you to create beautifully relaxed curls and texture giving a polished look,” says Sascha. “Lift the hair upwards and back for some soft, swept-away volume,” he suggests.

5. Separate a section at the crown and secure with a clip to keep it out the way. Then gather the hair at the sides pulling it into a loose, high sitting pony. Next take small strands from the pony and start twisting and rolling them into little coils. Use the Braun Satin Hair 5 Multistyler if you want a polished look or your fingers if you'd rather it be messier. Secure each section so it's sitting flat on your head with kirby grips.

Red-carpet ready in an instant 6. “Repeat with all the hair in the pony so you have a nice round shape at the back,” continues Sascha. “Then unclip the top section and gently brush the hair backwards, keeping the volume.” Secure the ends into coils, spritz with hairspray and you're hot to trot!

Author: Isabel Dexter

All drawings by Jamie Wignall/zooom productions