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Smooth Operator

Forget frizzy February hair and go wow 'em with gorgeously glossy curls. Here's our easy expert step-by-step guide:

Soft, satin-textured curls with plenty of body and zero frizz are top of our wish lists for 2013. Blame the runways from the style capitals of the world who have whetted our appetites with the most covetable curls and rock on ringlets this season. Feisty, feminine and undeniably elegant, curls and waves have an Old Hollywood glamour about them which we're all craving in these cold, dark February days.

If your hair is prone to frizz and fluff, fear not, fellow beauty addicts! We spoke to superstar session stylist Sascha Breuer to garner all the expert tips, product recommendations and styling advice you could ever need to create the coolest curls this month. Here's how:

First blow dry hair using your usual styler. Next section into strands that are no wider than the width of two fingers.

Using your left hand to hold a sectioned strand away from the rest of your hair, take the Braun Satin-Hair 7 straightener with IONTEC and place just below the roots.

This wonder product uses special IONTEC technology, which keeps hair super healthy and salon shiny so is especially great for fighting frizz. It ensures moisture levels are balanced and the ceramic plates maintain the health of your hair cuticle to minimise breakage (which is what causes hair to stop looking smooth and appear 'static' or frizzy during winter).

If you have coloured hair and are worried about your vivid red or glossy blonde shade fading then choose a styler that will actually protect the moisture levels in your hair to prevent this – and also stop your hair frizzing.

Braun Satin-Hair 7 Colour straightener reduces fading, adds extra shine and boasts an intuitive heat adjuster. Hold the straightener in the same place then twist it once or twice around its own axis so that the hair strand glides through the plates.
Keep the strand pulled relatively tight for smooth curls.

Now gently yet firmly pull the styler down the twisted strand of hair until you reach the ends.

Keep the movement smooth and gentle to prevent any fluff. It's a bit like creating a ribbon curl and practise makes perfect!


Repeat steps 1-3 for your entire head of hair and then gently loosen each curl, teasing out the lengths using your fingertips.

Take care not to touch your hair too much as that can cause frizz. Finally use a shine spray to show off the sheen in your healthy hair!

Author: Isabel Dexter