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Top five spring hair trends: Editor’s picks

A round up of the top five spring hairstyles and some tips on how to try them out.

Just because the weather refuses to let us try out our new spring fashions, doesn’t mean we can’t give our locks a boost. So get your hairbrush at the ready for my favourite spring hair styles.

Rapunzel meets Cinderella, these fairytale inspired braids are one of the girliest looks of the season. Perfect for experimenting, I love playing around with different styles of braiding. If you’re feeling adventurous try your hand at a twisted plait up do. Divide your hair into nine sections and loosely plait into three separate braids. Twist the plaits together and pin the hair into a simple French pleat. Perfect for spring nights out.

Much as I loved the pastel dip dyes last year, I confess I wasn’t brave enough to try one. But the more subtle dip dye ‘fades’ are a great alternative for fraidy cats. Mixing ombre colours with brunette, this look is much more office friendly than hot pink dip dyes.

Low knot bun

Forget scraped back ‘facelift’ hair, this year’s bun is all about low maintenance chic. Loved by catwalk fashionistas and top models, this simple twist on a traditional style will turn heads. To achieve the look your hair will need to be silky smooth before you start. If you’ve got time I recommend applying a moisturising hair treatment before you style. For a super slick office look, blow dry your hair straight before you put it in a bun or straighten it if you’re prone to frizz like me!

Natural waves
My number one style for nights out, natural waves suit all girls with hair that’s shoulder length or longer. A versatile look that’s softens the face more than poker straight hair, this season it’s all about tousled rock chick waves. To get the look gently wrap small segments of hair around your Satin Hair Straighteners, hold for a few second before gently teasing out with your fingers. Depending on your hair type an extra hold hair spray might be needed to keep the waves in place.

Sweeping fringes
If you can’t pull off a blunt fringe like singer Katy Perry, fear not. This year Chloe, Valentino and even Topshop models have been seen sporting some awesome sweeping side fringes. If your hair’s thin, this style can help add texture and volume. If you’ve got thick curly hair, it’s easier to keep under control than a full fringe. When you visit your hairdresser make sure you bring plenty of pictures of the style you want to achieve.

Author: Lizzie Cernik