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Sizzling summer beauty tips and secrets

Even if you’re not jetting off to sunny climes this summer, you’ll still want to glam up and show off those bare legs when the warm weather hits. We’re going to share our top beauty tips and secrets so your look stays more ‘summer chic’ than ‘overheated tomato’.

Humidity, rain and sweat are the arch enemies of perfect summer locks, particularly if you have curly hair, wavy hair or regularly use straighteners. Make sure to keep your tresses under control with regular treatments and deep conditions. If you can’t afford a trip to the hairdresser, whip up some raw eggs, apply them to your locks and cover with cling film for 20 minutes. Packed with vitamins to nourish your hair, you’ll get a whole new shine. Just be sure to cool the shower when you’re washing it off – scrambled eggs isn’t a good look. Bananas also give your hair shine so you could try this if you can’t face a hair omelette!


Forget the messiness of waxing and hassle of shaving. Keep your legs in tip top condition with the Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa epilator. Grabbing hold of the smallest hairs, it’ll ensure you keep those pins sexy smooth all summer. It even makes exfoliation easy with a removable brush head, so you can kiss goodbye to ingrown hairs. For tanning and smooth skin, make sure you check out our previous beauty tips and secrets to rock out your perfect beach look.

The skin on your face needs a little extra moisture during the hot months. If you’re not already using one, opt for a moisture booster to wear under your usual moisturiser. Upping the effects of all your existing products, it’s a good way to lock in moisture. Makeup has a tendency to slip in the summer. To avoid any clown face catastrophes, invest in some water proof makeup and a good quality sealer. Avoid heavy eye makeup and swap your foundation for bronzer to help keep your look sun kissed and natural. Heat and air conditioning can also make your eyes sore and puffy. Fix this by putting some used teabags in the fridge and placing them over your eyes when you lie down. It’s pretty relaxing too!

Author: Lizzie Cernik