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What women want

Now the sun is shining a girls thoughts turn to showing off her skin, whether it's on a summer holiday or a sizzling hot date. My fellow beauty Editor, Lizzie and I are big fans of Braun Silk-épil SkinSpa. Check out our reviews of this miracle, wonder beauty device. An exfoliator and epilator in one, it leaves skin super soft and with an enviable glow while ensuring you're fuzz-free all summer.

We're not the only ones raving about SkinSpa. Our ambassador singer Sofie Winterson says “the combination of using the exfoliation brush and the epilator makes my skin feel incredibly soft and silky – and it's so easy to use!” Better than waxing on short hairs, there are already hundreds of women across Europe who have fallen head-over-heels in love with the latest beauty device that guarantees the silkiest skin and the smoothest legs, underarm and bikini line all summer long!


Beauty Bloggers love Braun

Huda Beauty reveals “I'm super hairy and I particularly like Braun epilators, this one works fantastic and shifts along with your body contour.” She adds, “I'm really in love with it right now, it's so good on dry skin and you get an intense exfoliation.” See Huda's demo on how to get celebrity skin head-to-toe here.

The sparkleicious is a fan of how long-lasting the results of epilating are and loves the SkinSpa's neat little flash light so you can see your skin without the device casting a shadow. “Braun do the best epilators. I would always recommend them over any other brand because they're the most reliable and they work the best – and I love the design of this epilator, the shape just fits in your hand so perfectly,” she says. “If you think how much it would cost to get waxing treatments, you are saving money! It's a fantastic epilator, especially if you suffer from ingrown hairs.” See more here.

What women wantPink Haired Princess says “It's easy to use and has nice silver sparkles. The brush is four times more efficient than using a manual exfoliating device.” Here the princess shows you how to use the latest wonder device.

Rebecca Davies admits she was initially sceptical as she suffers from ingrown hairs but thinks Braun SkinSpa is kinder to the skin than other epilators, especially if this is your first time. “The separate head means you can trim down the hairs to the right length for epilating. I thought that was really handy!” If you're a newcomer to epilating Rebecca shows you how to do it.

Author: Isabel Dexter