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Your most gorgeous party hair ever

Your most gorgeous party hair ever
Look beautiful for every party, no matter how much time you have, with our expert tips.

Forget the lipstick index, the term used by economists to relate the intriguing fact that women buy more lipsticks and high-end cosmetics during a recession. This is the hair index. Namely, the notion that the more time you spend on your hair before a party, the more confident you feel. While we couldn't agree more that having salon-perfect healthy hair or experimenting with the latest hairstyles is a definite cause of increased self-esteem and downright sexiness, apparently it's also pretty easy to cheat. Intrigued? Here's our expert tricks to ensuring you look your most gorgeous this party season, whether you have 2 hours or 20 minutes to spare.

2 hours - big new year's eve party

Heat damaged hair never looks pretty so treat yourself to a nourishing hair mask while you relax in a hot bath. Then take your time applying a product to protect hair before styling with a straightener or creating hair volume. One of the latest looks for a really sexy hair style is a voluminous retro updo, a la Brigitte Bardot. Here's our easy step-by-step:

1. Run the Braun Satin-Hair 7 Straightener with IONTEC over the full length of the hair and attach a hair cushion around a ponytail. Make sure to leave a large front and back section of hair free.

2. Use a hair pin to fix the pony onto the back of the hair cushion. Leave a 'halo' of hair free at the front.

3. Bring a four finger width section of the hair from the back, up and over the base of the pony. Fix neatly with hairpins.

4. Repeat with the front and back sections of the hair and cover the hair cushion completely to create the retro updo shape.

5. Smooth the remaining “halo” of hair over thes haped hair and pin at the crown.

6. Add a wide or jewelled hairband at your hairline to give the style a modern, party girl feel.

1 hour - girls' night out

Old Hollywood screen siren Veronica Lake's soft curls are a key hair styling trend for wavy hair this season. A simple way to begin is by changing your parting. “By taking hair in the opposite way to which it wants to go you have instant volume,” suggests superstar session stylist Pierre at Laeticia Couture in London. Dubbed the King of Blowdries, he suggests taking a 50-50 approach to drying hair.

“First dry hair upside down, especially if it's fine, to up the ante with the volume,” he says. Next, take sections and dry smooth making sure to use the right products. If you're wanting to create smooth curls, it's simpler to blow dry wavy hair straight and then use a curling tong, such as Braun Satin-Hair 7 Colour Curler, which is specially designed to protect coloured hair.
The heat adjuster means colour fade is reduced by up to 50%, so whether you're a blonde bombshell or from the Jessica Rabbit school of redheads the heat protection means your hair looks vibrant and shiny.

20 Minutes - office party or new year drink

If you're literally going from boardroom to bar, whether it's cocktails with your favourite girls or your office party when you simply don't have time to go home and do a complicated hair style, then it's all about the tools and the forward-planning. A well-timed hair treatment a few days before the event will protect hair from the elements.

“Healthy hair is the foundation for every gorgeous style,” says session stylist Sascha Breuer and he admits that over-brushing your hair at your desk will only cause static. Working with A-list clients or backstage at fashion shows around the world means Sascha knows how important it is to get hair looking healthy and glossy, in double quick time. If you only have 20 minutes, he recommends one of the new breed of wonder-products, such as Braun Satin-Hair 7 brush. Using unique IONTEC technology with active ion jets to create a halo of smoothness around your hair, the cordless brush works like an easy-peasy straightener; fighting frizz and removing static so your hair looks supermodel shiny.

Next simply add a slick of red lipstick, re-apply your mascara and swap your office day bag for this season's jewel-toned box clutch.

Who needs to be fashionably late when you can be beautifully early?

Author: Isabel Dexter