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Get perfectly smooth healthy locks with Braun’s latest technology

I’ve been blessed (or cursed depending which way you look at it) with long, thick, curly hair. It can be a nightmare to style, because it’s dry, frizzy and basically has a mind of its own. The first time I used the SensoCare styler, it glided through my (usually reluctant) curls really easily. It heated up very quickly and I spent less time battling my wild locks than usual- a definite bonus!

I was able to change the settings to ‘thick and wavy’, meaning I wouldn’t be damaging my hair with excessive heat as I straightened. As I live in a sunny climate most of the year, this is ideal, as it can easily get into a really horrible condition!

I use Moroccan hair oil to keep my locks from drying out and was worried it might look greasy on straightened hair. I needn’t have worried though- my hair looked beautifully smooth and shiny when I was finished.


For me the problem with ordinary straighteners is that although your hair will be instantly smooth, it becomes really frizzy over time due to the heat damage. With the Braun SensoCare styler my hair felt much softer and smoother- without the ‘burnt hair’ smell and static you get with some appliances.
Though you can get poker straight locks with the styler, it’s best for creating loose waves and curls. I think it’s particularly great for mid and longer length hair, as you can really get that ‘just stepped off the red carpet’ look. (Although you might still be missing a career in the movies and a few million dollars…)

The styler even helped tame my unruly fringe- which usually sticks up like a troll first thing in the morning! I’d definitely recommend the SensoCare styler. After all if it’s protecting your hair whilst giving you a great style, what more could you want?

Author: Lizzie Cernik