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On Trend: Dip dye hair

On Trend: Dip dye hair
From electric blue to baby pink, My Little Pony inspired tresses are one of the hottest current hair trends.

A favourite with celebs, everyone from Katy Perry to Nicki Minaj has been experimenting with glossy dip dyed locks. Even if you’re not lucky (or rich) enough to have a personal hair stylist like the A listers, there’s no reason you can’t rock rainbow hair. We caught up with John Frieda hair colourist Mark William Selley for hot tips on what shade to choose and how to maintain it.

The dip dye low down The dip dye low down
Before applying any bright colours the hair needs to be bleached white. As this can be damaging, Selley suggests you get a consultation to ensure your locks are strong enough to withstand the colour. “The dyes aren’t suitable for all hair types and it’s much harder to do on darker hair,” he explains. “If you’re new to dip dyeing, pink is one of the easier colours to choose as it doesn’t require the hair to be bleached quite so white.” By contrast blues and purples need the lightest base coat possible, which can be more difficult to achieve.

After bleaching and colouring you’ll need to apply regular deep treatments to maintain healthy hair and avoid dry, brittle ends. “Conditioner only sits on the surface of the hair,” adds Selley. So if you want to look more red carpet ready than bedraggled scarecrow, you’d be wise to invest in some high quality treatments.

To style coloured hair after your salon appointment, you can try out Braun’s Satin-Hair 7 Colour straightener. Specially designed to prevent colour fade by up to 70%, this styler also offers heat protection and will keep your pastels fresh for longer.

The dip dye low down Bleach free alternatives
For a multi coloured mane that doesn’t risk any hair damage, why not go for extensions? At John Frieda, Selley regularly uses weaves and hair pieces to achieve the desired look. “Unlike natural hair you can start with a completely white base so the colour sticks really well and stays brighter for longer,” he explains.

And if the thought of completely changing your natural look terrifies you, a good quality wig is always an option. Giving you the freedom to change your hair back to its natural state in time for your granny’s birthday party, they’re a great choice for hair dye commitment phobes.

Author: Lizzie Cernik