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On the Road with Sofie Winterson

Sofie Winterson is the new songbird on the block whose soulful melodies and beautifully moving lyrics are capturing hearts across Europe. Check out her song “Your eyes” – the official campaign song for the Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa. The ex-model and singer songwriter has always enjoyed travelling, summer holidays and being on the road, whether for work or pleasure.
“There's something very special about moving, I am always inspired by new places,” she reveals, following in the footsteps of superstar singer songwriters like Carole King and Carly Simon who took storytelling and the idea of being on the road as inspiration.


No wonder then that Sofie Winterson is our go-to girl when it comes to sharing travel tips for holiday beauty. “I like to look natural, especially in the summer, when all you really need is glowing skin and healthy hair to look good,” she adds. So if you're planning your summer holiday beauty routine, here's her expert travel tips:

“I like to keep my holiday beauty look simple and natural,” Sofie reveals. “I don't use foundation, just a little concealer and some bronzing powder on the cheeks. It's not a revolutionary look but it's perfect for holiday beauty.”

Sexy legs should be fuzz free and super smooth. “When I'm travelling I need a solution to hair removal that is easy and effective,” Sofie admits. “Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa's exfoliation brush leaves me with glowing skin, while the epilator means I don't need to worry about stubbly legs on vacation as it removes even the shortest hairs for days and weeks. It's great for on holiday!


“My skin gets very dry, especially when on holiday in the summer” says Sofie. For sexy legs and all-over glowing skin she suggests changing to a richer body lotion. “I normally use a more intense body and face cream, especially before getting on a plane,” she adds.

Desert island essentials Top 3 must-haves for the beach:
1. “Suncream: I want to take care of my skin in summer”
2. “On holiday, I always use a lip balm with an SPF. Chapped lips are never pretty”
3. “New music to listen to on my ipod, for inspiration and chilling out”

Author: Isabel Dexter