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Perfect beauty: Keeping it real

Perfect beauty: Keeping it real 

Perfect beauty: Keeping it realBetween the harsh winds and the constant exposure to heating, it’s hard to keep your hair looking shiny through winter. To keep it gorgeous, every girl likes to visit the hairdresser for a few highlights or a darker rinse. But what if these excess chemicals were actually causing more damage? According to organic beauty expert Leena Al Abbas, switching to herbal dyes can vastly improve your locks- and save you cash on treatments!

Containing no parabens, no ammonia and no resorcinol, herbal dyes only penetrate the outer scaly layer of the hair shaft, allowing some natural pigment to shine through. Long lasting and effective, these dyes are also rich in vitamins, witch hazel and Echinacea, which acts as a hydrating natural antiseptic. And the best part? It reduces the risk of scaly scalps and nasty allergic reactions. Combined with a heat protecting straightener or curler like the Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare styler, you’ll be able to keep those locks looking lush whilst you try out all the autumn hair trends.

Perfect beauty: Keeping it realOf course it’s not just organic dyes that can help improve our hair and prevent damage, there’s a few homemade treatments to try!

• Several hours before you shampoo, add a homemade mixture of coconut, almond and castor oil. Doing this once a week (or less depending on your hair’s natural oil content) can really give your locks a shine boost.

• For some extra TLC after a big weekend, use a mask made from fresh yoghurt, honey, a pinch of cinnamon and a few drops of tea tree oil. It’s hugely moisturising for your hair and if used regularly, will really improve its natural quality and glow.

• Banana isn’t just a great dessert food, it’s also brilliant for your hair. Try mashing one up with honey and massaging it through your hair for 10 minutes. Just be careful to wash it out properly- nobody wants to find sticky mashed banana behind their date’s ear…

So what are you waiting for? If you want sexy hair, it’s time to try out some natural treatments.

Author: Lizzie