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September Style: Back to work beauty

September Style: Back to work beauty 
Summer might be coming to an end, but there’s no need to break down into sobs just yet. OK so your tan is fading and your holiday romance has disappeared into the sunset, but autumn’s on its way and that can only mean one thing; time to revamp you style!

September Style: Back to work beautyHair
First things first, get yourself down to your favourite salon for a chop and treatment. Summer sun wreaks havoc with your locks and you’ll be more split end disaster than shiny red carpet glam. If you’re feeling brave go for a totally new style and colour. Why not try organic dyes for something more natural and healthy? If you really can’t afford to splash out on the hairdresser, treat your hair to some home remedies with olive oil and scented oil. Once you’re done repairing those locks, it’s time to get styling. Big hair is still in, but we reckon you should opt for softer glossy waves for a classy back to work look. The Braun Satin-Hair SensoCare styler, which has in-built technology to read your hair’s temperature and adjusts accordingly, will help you maintain that healthy shine as you style. And if you prefer to keep your locks straight, the styler will ensure you’re rocking the ultimate frizz free glow.

September Style: Back to work beautyBeauty
Before you start snapping up the latest autumn fashions, you’ll want to be sure your body is feeling as great as your gorgeous new hair. To repair sun damaged skin, treat yourself to a nourishing body oil massage. A good therapist will ask about your skin’s history to make sure they’re using exactly the right products for your needs. Just make sure you do some research reviews on Google first to find a salon that’s right for you. If you’ve splashed all your cash on holidays, just pamper yourself with a hot relaxing bath and body scrub to rid your skin of those impurities. Beware though, exfoliation might have to wait if you’re trying to hold onto that tan! You can make the most of your summer glow by applying a tan maximising moisturiser. Gradual tanning lotions will also help you keep that sexy tan for just long enough to show off at the office in your new season trends.

Author: Lizzie