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Functional and pure - discover iconic Braun Design


With the launch of the new Braun Multiquick Juicer makes an unmistakable design statement. This product is more than just a juicer; it is a piece of industrial art indispensable to a modern kitchen interior. Skillfully combining form and function, beauty and performance, the Multiquick Juicer is an elegant yet robust device that sets a new standard in kitchen appliances. Its purity sets it apart from others. Intentionally, the device stands back behind the result, leaving the starring role to the juice it creates.

Each part of the juicer has been made with the highest design and performance expectations in mind: the spout, drip stopper, pulp container and pusher integrate themselves into the overall architecture with seamless unity. The fusion of high gloss polymer and stainless steel creates both modern and timeless surfaces.

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