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premium partnership program

Premium Partnership Program

The success story of Braun can be summed up as: pioneering design, durable German technology and sustainability leader - from a small engineering company to an international premium brand.

For Braun good design means creating meaningful products that people enjoy using – products that are highly functional, intuitive to use and enduring. We focus on design that creates a positive product experience, not only for the first time, but over its many years of use.

German Engineering
At Braun consumers have the final say! Their habits, needs, desires and aspirations for the future are central to our work. They define the word “excellence”. All products must delight, fascinate and offer functionality to consumers at the highest quality.

As well as driving product sustainability, Braun is continually reducing the environmental effect of its manufacturing operations around the world. At Braun we do this in order to ensure that the appliances we produce and market empower consumers to reduce their own environmental impact.

Driving Penetration of Premium products leads to*:
- Higher customer satisfaction;
- Higher usage frequency and lower risk of category abandonment;
- Higher likelihood to re-purchase in a specific retailer.
*Source: Germany GfK Household Panel Data 2010 (N= 26,000 HH)

Touching and improving consumer lives

Braun is leading the way into the future with products designed to improve consumers’ lives, being true to the motto: "Designed to make a difference". The secret of our success is directly connected to the special relationship we have been establishing with our trading partners along the years. The Premium Partnership Program (PPP) will allow our collaboration to reach a further stage.

Support innovation
We will offer the top of line innovation, across every category, to selected partners. Furthermore, we will support them with high quality services and superior communication activities to ensure that our best products come with the best service.

Delight consumer
We desire to delight our shoppers and consumers with the best possible in-store brand-related experience. We want the value we generate together to be transferred to consumers in form of services. This will enable the creation of a real relationship with consumers.

Drive profitability
PPP is the foundation for a long-term and mutually profitable partnership. We want to drive value co-creation with the trade customers who significantly support Braun in delivering results to both shoppers and consumers. This will lead to a more efficient trade-up strategy and sustainable category profit growth.

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