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premium partnership program

A program for premium partners

This program is open to all customers. The plan leverages top innovation across every category providing support to those partners that deliver against consumer relevant criteria. All Premium innovations fall into this program.

Premium Partnership Program - Cycle


Our goal is to step change Braun’s equity by improving the in-store environment which will drive profitability by showing consumers what our premium products have to offer. We want to join forces with our partners to provide valid product and service alternatives to all segments of shoppers. The Premium Partnership Program makes this sustainable by recognizing those retailers that invest in consumer services.


The PPP will help customers being recognized as a retailer able to offer:



Full product range

Full product range:
Premium partners will have available the best product range and the best product presentation in the point of sale material.

Profit optimization

Profit optimization:
The program will provide opportunities to drive improved profitability for Premium Partners

PPP and sustainable growth

Partner commitment

Partners need to agree to the overall idea - to create, together, a premium in-store experience and support P&G with data evidence that ensures proper execution. All Products will carry a unique code that will be tracked through the supply chain. We have chosen Brand Added Value as our partner in this area. Partners have to sign an agreement letter and provide proof of performance (e.g. upload a photo) for each new innovation.


Equity building environment

Equity building environment

Deliver best in class Touch & Feel and drive visibility of Premium initiatives



Offer real time support in selecting the product that best meets shopper requirements

Consumer communication

Consumer communication

Communicate activity and promotions directly to consumers


Data provision and support

Support P&G with data evidence to ensure proper execution

Extra visibility/second placement

Extra visibility/second placement

Provide secondary displays or gondola ends for Premium initiatives.

Advantages at glance



Next steps

1. Receive formal PPP invitation letter.
2. Access the portal
3. Fill out contact data according to instructions.
4. Sign an online agreement letter.

Our contacts

For support or further information on the brand added value portal please contact our technical partner (in English or German) through

For business related questions, please refer to your local contact at P&G or visit

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