BraunCollection Kronberg

The BraunCollection is currently moving to a new location and will reopen this spring 2014 (presumably May). Details will be announced at a later point in time. We look forward to welcoming you in the new BraunCollection!

The BraunCollection presents the diverse history of the company and the Braun brand in a permanent exhibition that was newly designed in 2011. Around 300 exhibits illustrate the development of Braun design from its first beginnings to the present day, including all of Braun’s diverse product categories. The exhibition covers fascinating areas such as the very early history of the company and its designs, milestones of Braun design, Braun design today and the design language of the future.

The BraunCollection is now an entirely permanent exhibition with numerous interactive elements. Film material and iPads provide in-depth information to visitors.

Braun archive

The BraunCollection archive contains some 5,600 products spanning 90 years. Approximately 2,800 of these are one-off items that never went into series production.

Förderkreis BraunSammlung e.V. (BraunCollection Funding Organisation)

The BraunCollection is supported by the Förderverein BraunSammlung e.V. (a non-profit organization), whose objectives are:
• Show Braun’s development in the areas of design and engineering, using product examples from the past and present
• Present the results of Braun’s design and engineering work to the public through exhibitions and events
• Make historical information and case studies available to educational facilities, learning institutes and the media
• Manage and maintain the Braun archives

Contact for Förderkreis BraunSammlung e.V.
Thomas Guttandin
Tel.: +49.6173.30.2188
E-Mail: info@foerderkreis-braunsammlung.de