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BraunCollection Kronberg

The BraunCollection in Kronberg brings to life more than 90 years of Braun’s company and brand heritage. It also documents a piece of contemporary history. Founded in 2005 by the BraunCollection Funding Association, the collection was moved to new premises and reopened on April 9, 2014 with an extended exhibition.

Almost 1000 exhibits illustrate the development of Braun’s design and innovations from the beginning until today. All the different product categories are represented, including the first Braun radio, the world-famous record player SK4 aka “Snow White’s coffin”, as well as the most recent products,  for example the best rated dry shaver in Stiftung Warentest, the Braun Series 7.

The exhibition is dedicated to the beginnings of the company in 1921 and the milestones of Braun design throughout the last 60 years. Additionally featuring around 30 new products that showcase Braun’s current design language, it not only reviews the past but also provides a vision of the future.

The permanent exhibition of the BraunCollection has been designed interactively. Video material and iPads enable visitors to review more in-depth information around the different featured topics.

The new highlight of the collection is the walk-in archive. For the first time, it gives visitors the opportunity to explore exactly 666 of more than 9000 treasures which had been locked away before. Included are also less famous products, for example the electronics construction set Lectron.

Förderkreis BraunSammlung e.V. (BraunCollection Funding Organisation).

The BraunCollection is supported by the Förderverein BraunSammlung e.V. (a non-profit organization), whose objectives are:
• to show Braun’s development in the areas of design and engineering, using product examples from the past and present
• to present the results of Braun’s design and engineering work to the public through exhibitions and events
• to make historical information and case studies available to educational facilities, learning institutes and the media
• to manage and maintain the Braun archives

Contact for Förderkreis BraunSammlung e.V.
Thomas Guttandin
Phone: +49 175 733 82 39

Westerbachstraße 23c
61476 Kronberg
Telephone +49 61 73 30-2244 (Exhibition)
Telephone +49 61 73 30-2315 (Tours)

Opening Hours
Tuesday-Sunday: 11am – 5pm
Monday: closed

Admission Prices
Children < 6: free
Age 7-17: 1.50 EUR
Adults: 3.00 EUR
School classes: free