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Braun Prize 2012 - First Aid Cover

First Aid Cover – Help in Emergencies

Jussi Koskimäki Global Silver Award: Students

First Aid Cover

“First Aid Cover” aims to help and inform people in emergencies, especially focusing on situations involving unconscious victims.
“First Aid Cover” provides information on how to use different methods to help an unconscious victim, from basic recovery position to CPR steps.
In these kinds of emergency situations, people might not act to help the victim if they don’t know first aid procedures or are afraid of doing something wrong, thus making the victim’s situation even worse. “First Aid Cover” provides clear information on how to handle an unconscious victim, helping even untrained persons to act in emergency situations.
Consisting of a textile blanket with printed on information graphics, “First Aid Cover” is a low-cost product that can be installed in public and private spaces to make them safer.

The product can also be added to existing first aid kits. Its information graphics show how to act in emergency situations. The cover itself can also provide shelter in outdoor conditions while waiting for rescuers to arrive. According to the Office of National Statistics, England and Wales, in the UK in 2008, up to 150,000 people died in situations where first aid could have given them chance to live.
While there are many products designed to help in emergency situations, the recovery position and CPR are mostly left to be learned in first aid courses. This concept aims to bring this knowledge into the situation itself, so that even the novice has a chance to help a victim.
The textile material also provides a foldable structure, so it doesn’t take up much space and can be easily brought to the scene of the emergency.

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Finding of the jury

The jury found the “First Aid Cover” to be a very simple, self-explanatory, everyday, yet iconic product that aids survival and provides comfort, shelter, and warmth. Although an accident situation is not pleasant, the blanket itself is. It can also be used in training situations such as first aid courses.
The manner in which the concept has been implemented was found to be straightforward, functional, and visually appealing, generating interest and acceptance at the same time. The jurors admitted that this everyday object can be used by children or anyone else to learn how to help, yet in a sort of passive, playful way, not just in an accident situation, thus acquainting children with the importance of helping others.
Jussi Koskimäki

Jussi Koskimäki

2005 – 2009 B.A. Industrial Design, Lahti Institute of Design, Lahti, Finland
2008 Internship, Design Foundation, Lahti, Finland
2010 Work, Meltron Ltd, Helsinki, Finland
2011 Internship, Samsung Japan, Design Center, Tokyo, Japan
2011 Internship, GK-design, Kyoto, Japan
Since 2010 Master studies, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Department of Design Science, Japan