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Braun Prize 2012 - Mo

Mo – A Flexible Mobility System for the City of Tomorrow

Dirk Hessenbruch Global Bronze Award: Students


“mo” is an urban mobility system that combines the desire for sustainability with a higher quality of life. The mobility system takes the needs of users as its starting point.

“mo” could be implemented inexpensively and rapidly and would require only a moderate amount of technical infrastructure/outlay.

In the form of a smartphone app, “mo” becomes a practical “location-based service” that encourages spontaneous use of the mobility system even when on the go.

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Finding of the jury

Jurors were unanimously positive about this concept. It makes improvements not only in a single product; it also optimizes the overall context and increases awareness, actually changing how things are done.
The concept is both a public transportation system as well as an individual product. The jury liked the fact that the designers actually bring together and utilize existing things, without reinventing or redesigning them.

Thus, it’s both a design as well as a meta-design. The concept integrates existing elements in the environment and adds value at the same time, as the bicycles are used by others when the owners don’t need them. Jurors felt that this also creates a platform for potentially new things to happen. People are encouraged to share their bicycles through incentives to earn more miles, which can be used for other things. This starts to drive behaviors, which is very positive in the spirit of this kind of system. Jurors also appreciated the social aspects of this concept. It also provides users with an opportunity to connect with one another. They can use this as an entry point, similar to a club.
They felt it was unique how this concept places focus on bicycles, which then spreads to the use of other things. This had been done with other systems or products, but not bicycles.
Dirk Hessenbruch

Dirk Hessenbruch

2003 – 2009 Studies, University of Wuppertal, Department of Industrial Design, Germany
2007 – 2008 Internship, Kiska GmbH, Salzburg, Austria
2008 Internship, Lunar Europe, Munich, Germany
2009 – 2010 Studies, Technical University of Delft, Department of Product & Sustainable Design, Delft, Netherlands
2009 – 2010 Studies, University of Wuppertal, Department of Industrial Design, Germany
2010 – 2011 Freelancer Design Strategy, Lunar Europe, Munich, Germany
Since 2011 Freelancer Product Design, Deutsche Telekom, Product & Innovation, Bonn, Germany