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Braun Prize 2012 - Rovey

Rovey – Desktop Fan

Studio .00 Kazuya Washio and Yu Kawashima Global Bronze Award: Professionals & Enthusiasts


“Rovey” was conceived as a new desktop fan. Normally, fans require electricity to oscillate, but “Rovey” is different. It spins around on its own using its own energy.

The structure of “Rovey” is reminiscent of the traditional Japanese balance toy, “Yajirover”, which librates by balancing with a fulcrum and a center. Because of this structure, “Rovey” can spin by utilizing the energy generated from the wind of fan itself. “Rovey” is excellent at saving energy and is in harmony with its environment.

Moreover, “Rovey” turns 360 degrees and functions just like a ceiling fan to circulate the air. Of course, the turning function can be switched off with the stopper, and then “Rovey” can be used as ordinal desktop fan.


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Finding of the jury

Overall, jurors were positive about “Rovey”. It takes a very common product to a level where it becomes a clever, almost magical sculpture, deserving a special place in one’s environment. They found the form to be very balanced, which is what the concept is all about. More than merely a fan to move the air, it creates a kind of natural ambiance.
Jurors commented that its functions are very simple, yet clever.

The spinning motion is an important part of these functions. It becomes part of the wind itself, mixing the air, rather than just moving it. They found the overall effect to be more natural. It doesn’t require any particular system and, with its own source of energy, works anywhere it is needed.

Kazuya Washio

Kazuya Washio

2002 – 2006 Studies, Kyoto Prefectural University, Japan
2006 – 2009 M.A. Product Design, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto, Japan
Since 2009 Product Designer, Fujitsu Design Limited, Tokyo, Japan
Since 2010 Join Studio .00, Tokyo, Japan

Yu Kawashima

Yu Kawashima

2003 – 2007 B.A. Product Design, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto, Japan
2007 – 2010 M.A. Product Design, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto, Japan
Since 2010 Freelancer, Studio .00, Tokyo, Japan