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Judging Process

Judging process

In the first jury session all members of the panel of judges examine the submissions, many discussions followed to select the best entries. The final choice of Global Winners lies with the guest jurors of the Design Forum.

First jury session

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In the first judging session, the entries are evaluated by the five member jury on the basis of sketches, images, technical drawings, movies, animations and project descriptions.

Judging process content 2The jurors will choose 2 (1 Student and 1 Professional/Enthusiast) National winners from each of the 15 regions below. All 30 National winners will receive prize money of $1,000 USD.

• USA / Canada
• Latin America
• Denmark / Finland / Iceland / Norway / Sweden
• United Kingdom / Ireland
• Belgium / Netherland / Luxembourg
• Germany
Judging process content 3• France / Switzerland / Austria
• Spain / Portugal
• Italy
• Turkey / Greece / Arabian Peninsula
• Russia / Ukraine
• Africa / India
• China
• Japan
• South Korea / Taiwan / Singapore / Australia / New Zealand

Judging process content 4In addition to the 30 National winners, the jury selects 20 additional outstanding projects (10 Students and 10 Professionals/Enthusiasts). These 50 total projects continue to the second judging level.

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In the second step the finalists are chosen (3 Students and 3 Professionals/Enthusiasts) as well as the winners of the Sustainability Awards (1 Student and 1 Professional/Enthusiast).

Final judging forum

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The third stage takes place at the BraunPrize forum. Here the finalists present their projects to an invited audience made up of representatives from the design sector and other areas of industry, technology and the media with a special interest in the field of design. The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners of the BraunPrize will be selected on the basis of votes cast by the guest jurors attending the forum.