Dr. Dirk Freund

Dr. Dirk Freund Dr. Dirk Freund, Director of Braun R&D, joined Braun in 1995 in Advanced Electronics with a PhD in Solid-State Electronics from the Technical University of Darmstadt.

With a strong educational background in Engineering, his various positions throughout his career included overseeing Health & Wellness and Male Grooming and have led to his current position as Director R&D Braun & Design.

P&G work history:
1995: Braun GmbH Advanced Electronics
1997: Braun GmbH, Group Manager R&D Health & Wellness Blood Pressure Monitor 2001: Braun GmbH, Program Manager R&D Health & Wellness
2003: Braun GmbH, Senior Program Manager R&D, Corporate Projects
2005: P&G (Braun GmbH): Associate Director R&D Corporate Projects
2006: P&G (Braun GmbH): Director R&D Braun Male Grooming
2008: P&G (Braun GmbH): Director R&D Braun & Design