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BraunPrize since 1968

Over 40 years ago, in 1968, Erwin Braun, son of Braun founder Max Braun, held Germany´s first international design prize – the BraunPrize. The BraunPrize was originally introduced to stimulate public debate about design, during a time when understanding and awareness of design and its positive benefits were largely unknown.

Traditionally the Head of Braun Design has been the chairman of the BraunPrize jury. Dr. Fritz Eichler chaired the jury from the first competition until 1989. He was succeeded by Prof. Dieter Rams, who chaired the jury until 1995. Peter Schneider was chairman from 1999 until 2009. Prof. Oliver Grabes succeeds him beginning with the BraunPrize 2012. The BraunPrize jury has always featured leading figures from the world of design.


BraunPrize – History

Jury members since 1968

2012: Jane Fulton Suri, Naoto Fukasawa, Anne Bergner, Dr. Dirk Freund, Oliver Grabes

2009: Anna Kirah, Kazuo Tanaka, Florian Seiffert, Rainer Silbernagel, Peter Schneider

2007: Moni Wolf, Dr. Mark Breitenberg, Benjamin Holch, Udo Milutzki, Peter Schneider

2005: Alessandra Vasile, Gianfranco Zaccai, Udo Milutzki, Peter Schneider

2003: Anne Stenros, Alexander Manu, Rainer Silbernagel, Peter Schneider

2001: Chee Pearlman, Ross Lovegrove, Rainer Silbernagel, Peter Schneider

1999: Harry Asada, Mai Felip, Albrecht Jestädt, Peter Schneider

1995: Robert Blaich, Elke Trappschuh, Peter Schneider, Dieter Rams

1992: Vittorio Lampugnani, Yuri B. Soloviev, Peter Schneider, Dieter Rams

1989: Niels Diffrient, Jan Trägardh, Dieter Rams, Dr. Fritz Eichler

1986: Kenji Ekuan, Alessandro Mendini, Dieter Rams, Dr. Fritz Eichler

1983: Friso Kramer, Herbert Ohl, Dieter Rams, Dr. Fritz Eichler

1980: Stephan Lengyel, George Nelson, Dieter Rams, Dr. Fritz Eichler

1977: Rodolfo Bonetto, Odo Klose, Dieter Rams, Dr. Fritz Eichler

1974: Sir Misha Black, Dr. H. Wichmann, Dieter Rams, Dr. Fritz Eichler

1972: Alf Boe, Herbert Lindinger, Dr. Fritz Eichler

1970: Robert Gutmann, Herbert Hirche, Dr. Fritz Eichler

1968: Otl Aicher, Fritz Gotthelf, Dr. Fritz Eichler