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BraunPrize 2012

Required documents

Participants must register online and enter general personal and project information.

The following documents and digital elements must be uploaded or sent by post.

Printed documents will not be accepted.

A brief project description

Description: clearly describes the concept and the
innovative character of the project
Dimensions: max. 300 words
Data size: max. 1 MB
Data format: text format .doc, .txt, .rtf

Three descriptive pictures of the project

Description: without logos, frames and text elements
Dimensions: landscape format, DIN A4 (Width 297 x Height
210 mm) or Letter size (Width 11 x Height 8 ½ inch), 72-96
dpi resolution
Data size: each max. 1 MB
Data format: .jpg, or .pdf


Description: shows the product concept using e.g. design
sketches, photographs, renderings, technical drawings and
Dimensions: max. 10 pages, landscape format, DIN A4 or
Letter size, 72-96 dpi resolution
Data size: max. 5 MB
Data format: .pdf

Video and/or animation (optional)

Dimensions: max. 5 minutes footage
Data size: max. 25 MB
Data format: QuickTime or AVI-format

The name of the entrant or a company logo must not appear on any of the items. However, project names – such as “LeapFrog„ – are permitted on all elements and are a helpful feature. In order to ensure complete anonymity, projects are only identified by a number throughout the entire competition. All material must be in English.

Please consider that the jury has a limited amount of time for each project to capture essential details. Please select documents that will describe the project clearly and concisely.

Objects are transported to Braun at the entrant’s risk. Only especially requested objects will be returned. The organizer is liable only for damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence.