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Satin-Hair Dryers

Satin-Hair dryers: blow-dried hair now looks & feels so healthy!

The Satin-Hair dryers with built-in DrySafe technology optimally synchronise heat distribution, airflow and drying speed at each setting to ensure a gentle yet efficient drying temperature – approved by DWI, an independent German fibre research institute. That’s the smart way to dry your hair without drying it out!

Discover the Satin-Hair dryer range

Braun Satin-Hair Professional SensoDryer

Satin-Hair 7 SensoDryerBraun Satin-Hair 7 SensoDryer – optimal temperature control. Professional styling results

Professional SensoDryer puts superior styling expertise in your hands.
Braun´s most premium and sophisticated dryer has a unique combination of intelligent sensor technology with professional performance regular dryers can´t match.
Build in sensors measures temperature 600x a minute and adjusts it up to optimal level for nonstop performance of the device and healthy-looking hair.

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Braun Satin-Hair dryer

Satin-Hair 7 Colour dryer

Satin-Hair Colour 7 dryers

Designed to keep your hair color radiant.

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Satin-Hair 7 dryer

Satin-Hair 7 dryers

Designed for 100% damage free drying.

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Braun Satin-Hair PowerPerfection dryer

Satin-Hair PowerPerfection

Satin-Hair PowerPerfection dryers

Braun Satin-Hair Style&Go dryer

Satin-Hair 3 Style&Go dryer

Satin-Hair 3 Style&Go IONIC

The most powerful Style&Go Braun dryer.

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Satin-Hair 1 Style&Go dryer

Satin-Hair 1 Style&Go

The lightest Style&Go Braun dryer.

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Hair dryers are the number one styling tools for any kind of cut. Most women use their hair dryer daily – so it’s best to make sure that it is gentle on your hair and dries without drying out. That’s why Braun’s range of Satin-Hair dryers is perfectly engineered to deliver perfect styling results without damaging the hair.
Whether you need a compact hair dryer for perfect styles on the road, a professional, powerful performance tool, or a dryer with a range of styling attachments for versatile looks – your perfect choice is a Braun Satin-Hair dryer. Each model is beautifully, ergonomically designed, easy to use, and gentle on your hair. Enjoy great styles and beautiful, shiny hair that feels as healthy as it looks!