• Satin-Hair straighteners Satin-Hair straightener

    Discover the route to instant shine and healthy heat styling, discover Braun’s Satin-Hair straighteners!

  • Satin Hair 7 brush Satin-Hair 7 Brush

    Instant shine at the push of a button with Braun’s Satin-Hair brush, anytime, anywhere.

  • Satin-Hair curlers Satin-Hair curlers

    Satin-Hair curlers give you healthy looking curls that look as great as they feel: shiny and smooth.

  • Satin-Hair dryers Satin-Hair dryers

    Perfectly engineered to deliver soft, sleek hairstyles without damage – the ideal foundation for amazing hairstyles.

Braun hair care - all of the styles, none of the damages in just one use.

Braun’s Satin-Hair styling appliances let you indulge in styling, without worrying about damaging your hair. Experiment with different styles, thanks to Braun’s health-infused technologies in Satin-Hair straighteners, curlers, airstylers, blow dryers, and the Satin-Hair 7 brush.

All Braun Satin-Hair styling appliances are designed to protect the health of your hair and give you shiny, smooth hair so you can enjoy new styles every day!
SensoCare technology

SensoCare technology

Ultimate heat protection for perfect results. Braun’s healthiest styling tool adapts temperature to your hair’s needs, leaving you with healthy-looking hair that let’s you take styling to the limit.
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Discover the world’s 1st SensoCare technology...

Colour saver technology

Colour saver technology

Minimize damage and fading of coloured hair. Colour saver technology with IONTEC protects your coloured hair and leaves it shiny and smooth!
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IONTEC technology

IONTEC technology

Shiny, healthy-looking hair. Braun’s IONTEC uses active ion technology to neutralize static and leave hair frizz-free and beautifully healthy-looking.
Discover the world of active ions and healthy hairstyling…