Satin-Hair airstyler

Satin-Hair airstylers: styling and drying in one go

Style & dry – and shine! With Braun’s Satin-Hair airstylers, perfect style is only one step away. Whether you want vivacious curls, luscious waves, stunning flicks, or a volume boost, your Satin-Hair airstyler lets you create great looks while protecting your hair. Enjoy perfectly styled, shiny hair that looks and feels healthy!

Discover the Satin-Hair airstyler range

Braun Satin-Hair airstyler

Satin-Hair 7 airstyler

Satin-Hair 7 airstyler: Style diversity for healthy looking shiny hair

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Satin-Hair 3 airstyler

Satin-Hair 3 airstyler: Style & dry with hair protection

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Satin-Hair 1 airstyler

Satin-Hair 1 airstyler: Style & dry for short hair

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Sascha Breuer

Braun’s Satin-Hair airstylers use the gentle, proprietary and protective functions to keep your hair smooth, shiny, and healthy. Like all Braun Satin-Hair styling products, each appliance of the air styler range works at the most effective heat levels – for great styling results that won’t leave your hair dry or damaged.