Gillette Venus Naked Skin® designed by Braun

Introducing Naked Skin®, the at-home hair removal device that lets you enjoy continuously smooth, continuously beautiful skin. By following the recommended regimen, Naked Skin® helps you prevent hair regrowth for continuous smooth skin.


How it works

how it works

Clinically proven hair reduction after 1 treatment

Smart. Safe. Powerful.
Gillette Venus Naked Skin® designed by Braun is derived from professional Intense Pulsed Light technology used in professional beauty salons. Adapted to be used safely and effectively at home, Naked Skin® is clinically & dermatologist tested. Moreover, it comes for a fraction of the cost of professional treatments.

Gillette Venus Naked Skin® allows you to treat your whole body without interruption - no charging and no bulb replacements like other at home hair removal devices.

Here’s how it works:
Intense Pulsed Light (or IPL) works its magic beneath the skin’s surface by targeting the melanin in dark hair, helping to break the cycle of hair re-growth. With continued, periodic use, the light energy helps prevent unwanted hair from reaching the skin’s surface.

Use Naked Skin® anywhere on your body including underarms, arms, bikini line, stomach and face.

Naked Skin® is used with a specially formulated V™ Activating Gel that enables the light to transfer seamlessly to the hair during treatment. The gel provides gentle treatment and more effective hair reduction as well as helps you track exactly where you have treated so you never miss a spot. And never missing a spot means you’ll know what truly naked skin feels like.

Only Naked Skin® is equipped with our unique Skin Tone Sensor that measures your skin tone for safety. Once a skin tone reading is confirmed with the Skin Tone Sensor, the system automatically adjusts the energy level to your skin tone, providing you with a customized treatment experience.

Get started today and experience visible hair reduction after 1 treatment

How To Use It

Help break the cycle of hair re-growth with Gillette Venus Naked Skin® designed by Braun in these simple steps.

1. Remove the hair, using a shaver, from the area you wish to treat.
2. Use the sensor to determine your correct skin tone. The device will then automatically set the right energy required for treatment.
3. Liberally apply an even layer of V™ Activating Gel.
4. Treat the area with Gillette Venus Naked Skin®. We recommend treating every 2 weeks during a Start Up phase of 6 – 12 treatments.
5. After the Start Up phase, adjust the treatment to your needs. We recommend to continue treating the desired area every two months. These regular touch-ups will help you maintain continuously smooth skin.
Skin Tone Sensor

Skin Tone Sensor For a Customized and Effective Treatment..

Only Naked Skin® is equipped with a unique Skin Tone Sensor to measure you skin tone for safety. Once a skin tone reading is confirmed, the device will adjust the energy level automatically. Preferred by 3 out of 4 women for long lasting results* (*vs. lead competitors, clinical study among 46 women in Germany 2012)
V™ Activating Gel

V™ Activating Gel for a Comfortable Treatment...

Our light-enabling V™ Activating Gel has been designed for use with Naked Skin® to target and treat the hair providing more effective hair reduction. But that’s not all – the gel also helps track where you have treated so you never miss a spot for that overall smooth result you crave and a gentle experience you can enjoy. 98% of consumers confirm that Naked Skin® is easy to use.
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Gillette Venus Naked Skin® designed by Braun