Satin-Hair Brush

Instant shine at the push of a button:
Braun Satin-Hair 7 brush

The Braun Satin-Hair 7 brush with active ions is a revolutionary innovation in the world of hair care, designed for women to look their best at all times.

Instant shine and smoothness from the first brush stroke, anytime and anywhere - just at the push of a button. The Braun Satin-Hair 7 brush is easy to use, 100% portable, fights frizz and removes static. You can directly see and feel the difference as your hair will look shinier and feel smoother. You will be thrilled about the results and confirm that the Braun Satin-Hair 7 brush made your hair incredibly shiny.


IONTEC – Active ion jet

IONTECT – Active ion jet

Active ion jet

The ion jet releases millions of active ions creating a halo around your hair. Active ions work very much like a conditioner. They instantly tame frizz and flying hair for touchable smoothness compared to brushes without active ions.
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Satin-Hair 7 brush highlights

Satin-Hair 7 brush highlights
Removable cushion pad
The extra soft cushion is specially designed for a sensory experience on the scalp and enables gentle brushing without snagging your hair. It’s also removable for easy cleaning.

Seamless bristle technology

The seamless bristles with a super smooth surface enable exceptionally gentle brushing to help prevent damage to the cuticle.
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Automatic switch off

The Braun Satin-Hair 7 brush has an automatic switch off function to prevent it from accidentally being switched on when carried in a bag.

Satin-Hair 7 brush

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