Series shavers

Braun Series shavers - Ultimate shaving performance and skin comfort

Choose between four different product lines and find the perfect shaver for your respective needs. Braun Series shavers represent cutting-edge shaving technology that lets you start the day with a perfectly close and thorough shave.

Braun Series 7: Your perfect shave - with our most innovative shaving technology

Series 7: Your perfect shave - with our most innovative shaving technology

The Series 7 is the most advanced and premium shaver from Braun, delivering an outstanding performance. The unique intelligent sonic technology with 10,000 micro vibrations helps capture more hair with every stroke – for Braun’s most thorough and comfortable shave. All Series 7 shavers are fully constructed in Germany and combine the most advanced technology and design. The ergonomic design now comes in an elegant noble metal color and features our ultimate LCD display. On top, enjoy the convenience of Braun‘s most advanced cleaning center: it automatically cleans, charges, lubricates and dries your shaver at the touch of a button.
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Braun Series 5 - Succeeds where others fail

Series 5: Succeeds where others fail

Maximum performance. Excellent skin comfort. Even in problem areas.
Series 5 is equipped with a unique combination of power and precision for uncompromising performance without sacrificing on skin comfort. While the FlexMotionTec delivers significantly more skin contact in problem areas for efficient shaving with less skin pressure, the PowerDrive supplies 20% more motor power than before, for high speed cutting even on dense hair. All Series 5 shavers are made in Germany and combine advanced technology with world-famous Braun design and highest Braun quality standards.
On top, Braun provides you with the convenience of the world's only alcohol-based Clean&Charge Station: It cleans, charges, lubricates at the touch of a button – so your shaver feels like new every day.
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Series 3: Tough on beard, smooth on skin - even in the shower

Series 3: Tougher on 3-day stubble, smooth on skin* – even in the shower

The Braun Series 3 is the latest generation of the world‘s best-selling foil shaver. The Series 3 is specifically designed for guys who don‘t want to compromise. Thanks to its improved triple action free float system, increased motor speed and SensoFoil™, the Series 3 not only delivers even better shaving but the Series 3 wet & dry models (380s-4 and 340s-4) can even be used under the shower and with foam and gels. Last but not least, the Series 3 combines world-famous Braun design with the highest Braun quality.
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Clean & Renew™ system

Clean & Renew™ system

At the simple touch of a button your shaver is hygienically cleaned, charged and lubricated for your maximum convenience. The Clean & Renew™ system also keeps your blades in top condition, ensuring the ultimate performance with every stroke. And because regular cleaning provides optimal hygiene you can experience a fresh shave every day.
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MobileShave Allow men to have smooth skin, anytime, anywhere.

MobileShave - Allows men to have smooth skin, anytime, anywhere.

The convenient and handy MobileShave is your perfect grooming friend outside of home. Thanks to its compact size and two AA battery power source, it can easily be used at work, in the car, or even on short holiday trips.
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Series 1

Series 1 - the simple way to a close shave

The perfect Braun shaver Series for demanding beginners. An ergonomic design and extra-wide shaver head give you an efficient shave.
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*tested vs. previous Series 3 generation