Face Greatness

When you look in the mirror, do you face greatness?

Here's the secret: When you look good, you feel confident.
What truly great men understand, however, is that greatness starts with this confidence. The confidence to chase your dreams. The confidence to never give up. The confidence to look yourself in the mirror and say, “Why not me?” Few men know this confidence better than Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson. And few brands understand it as well as Braun.

Braun NFL Russel Wilson PromoBecause we both know that confidence begins when you see yourself in the mirror and you look your best. We know that, at this critical moment, the right electric razor can make all the difference. And we know that every detail, from an electric shaver to a carefully crafted training schedule, can add up to greatness.

So, together, we pledge our commitment to the importance of the details.
We invest our pride in a job well done. And we believe that the only difference between a challenge and an opportunity is how driven you are to succeed. So, we’re teaming up in a new mission to inspire confidence in every man, every day. We call it Face Greatness.

Because, whether it’s Super Bowl Sunday, or just another day at the office, every day comes with an opportunity to face greatness — you just have to be ready for it.