Beauty balance

The beauty balance section presents great advice for staying healthy, feeling good and looking great.

Beauty tips


Keep your water supply afloat

This is the top beauty secret of beauty: water! Drink, drink some more, and then, drink another glass! 2 liters of water or herbal tea will keep your blood circulation up and running, and so prevent thrombosis. If they can do it, you can do it!

Bon appetit!

It's amazing how much our looks are influenced by what we eat. Whole-meal products, fruit and vegetables, lots of water, and unsweetened herbal tea should be a fixed part of our diet. And the funny thing is: The beauty comes from within, not just because your body has all the nutrients it needs. Being healthy and treating your body right just gives you a good feeling about yourself!

Feed those muscles!

If you have a tight schedule, you'll know: regular meals are not always easy to fit in. Yet it's important to make sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs. If your muscles feel weak or heavy, your body may run low on the potassium it needs to keep up muscle power. Soy beans, dried banana, dates, and spinach are great suppliers of potassium.

Skin food

Have you looked in the mirror to be greeted by a pimple as a reminder of the previous day's chocolate orgy? Well, chocolate makes you happy, so it isn't too bad. But the good news is: it also works the other way around. Some foods are definitely good for your skin. Citrus fruits form collagen and hold the skin cells together. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium and make your skin beautiful. And wheat germ helps you get rid of pimples quickly and efficiently. So chocolate can be your friend again...

Sour apples

It is the secret beauty potion: apple cider vinegar is amazing. It has healing properties and it keeps your skin supple. It contains a lot of enzymes that will help your skin cast off dead skin cells. And it also breaks down fats and is a great digestive. Use it for peelings, sprinkle it on foods, or drink it mixed with water. You'll be amazed how versatile it is!

5 cm in 5 minutes

Let your legs grow in just 5 minutes: high heels will let them appear longer instantly. Extra-long pants in the same color as the shoes will increase this effect.

Make them look longer

Wear pants with a crease or a central seam ‚– they will let your legs appear longer. 3/4 pants or Capri pants, on the other hand, make legs appear shorter.

Walking tall

Stand and walk with good posture. Imagine your feet as firm roots to the ground, almost as if they were growing downwards. In an opposite movement, imagine the crown of your head being lifted upwards, as if someone was pulling gently with a string. Move your shoulders away from your ears and slightly back. It's great for your neck and back, makes you grow at least two inches, and gives you the confidence of a queen.

First rough, then smooth

Great blood circulation, refined skin, and firm contours – that's what you'll get when you massage your legs regularly with a loofah mitt, brush, or sisal sponge. Body peelings are also great for removing old skin cells and keeping the skin smooth. For best results, try Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa’s exfoliation brush. 3.000 micro-vibrations per minute offer results better than a manual peel. Apply moisturizing lotion generously after the scrub.

Blues buster

Do you know the feeling that some days just don't seem to be made for you? Nothing seems to be right, and least of all you? Here a good way to battle those tiresome bouts of low self-esteem: Take a special notebook and make a list of all your strong points, everything you have achieved and that went well for you. Self-criticism is a no-no on these pages. If you can think of nothing good to write about yourself, just ask a friend what she likes about you. When you feel good and successful,write it down in your blues buster book – for future reference. Try it – it works wonders for your confidence and keeps those blues at bay.