Power booster

The power boosters section will give you tips on accumulating energy to take you through the day - and life.

Energy power booster


A strong shot

Try it: caffeine increases your stamina by about 33%, and stimulates fat burning. One cup is enough - any more than that, and it would increase your blood pressure too much.

Frequency beats length

Frequent, regular workouts are more effective for your personal fitness than a single weekly workout marathon. A 15 to 30 minute leg workout every day is perfect for strong and firm legs. Sounds doable, don't you think?

Step by step

Boost your energy and improve your fitness: just kick off your shoes and march barefoot on the spot for about 10 minutes. Then lift your knees alternately up to hip height to improve your fitness and keep your legs in shape. Try it - it's great fun and much better (and safer) than kicking someone who may have annoyed you! For best results, repeat daily.

Take a seat

Here's a little power workout that strengthens the upper thighs. Here's how it goes: stand up straight with your back to a wall. Your feet are placed shoulder-wide, pointing forward. Squat as if you were going to sit on a chair. Now lean against the wall. Count to 20, then rise again and shake out legs. 2 sets.

Up and down

Even the tiniest hotel room will be large enough for this little workout:Stand up straight, placing your feet shoulder-wide. Now bend your arms and lift them shoulder-high on the side of your body. Your palms are facing down. Bend your knees and take two steps forward, keeping your arms up and your knees bent. Now straighten your legs and stand on tiptoe. Lift arms straight up, palms facing each other. Count to five, then bend your legs again. 10 sets.

Fatigue takes a bath

Use energizing bath essences that will get tired legs back into action. Try vitalizing lemongrass, energizing pine, or invigorating rosemary. Just run a bath of very warm water, add a few drops of bath essence, and rest your feet in it for about 10 minutes.

Eve's apple

Have you ever thought about it: Your legs carry you around, every day, all day long. And your heart has to pump the blood through them and up again. That is pretty impressive. But there is a way to stimulate the blood circulation a little. How to do this? Just put a few drops of apple vinegar in lukewarm water and massage your legs with the solution, from the toes up to your upper thighs. They deserve it, and so do you!

Cold start

Do you sometimes feel like your legs are made of lead? Here a tip how to give fresh vigor even to the most fatigued legs: direct a cold shower from the ankle upward to the knee of your right leg, first on the outside, then on the inside. Switch to the left leg. Great for waking up in the morning, or as a quick energy boost during the day.

Power nap

When the next fatigue attack hits you, just make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and let yourself be carried away into slumber land. Just make sure you don't doze off for more than 10-20 minutes maximum. That way, you will wake up energized and not drowsy.

Shake it, baby!

Whenever you get ready for a girls' night out (and sometimes just for the fun of it), put on your favorite dance music real loud and dance, dance, dance! Since you are alone or with your friends, looking dignified and graceful is not an issue, so just dance your bum off, inventing new steps and moves and sometimes rolling on the floor laughing. Try it! You'll feel full of good spirits, energy, and confidence – bring on the night!