Stress relief

The Stress Relief section will help you wind down after a long and turbulent day.

Your legs and stress relief

Cool down

Been on an extreme-shopping tour or long-distance flight? Get those swollen ankles slim again by massaging your legs with ice cubes. The coolness also relieves the veins.

Up in the sky

Do you have to fly a lot? Here a valuable tip: To prevent your legs from feeling heavy and your ankles from getting swollen, drink at least one glass of water, a fruit or vegetable drink, herbal or fruit tea every 30 minutes. Also helpful: stand up every now and then, jiggle your feet, stand on tiptoe, and rock up and down.

The joy of bathing

Warm water is great. It soothes the body and the soul. Tensed muscles relax, and your mind wanders off. For a foot bath, just put a few drops of your favorite bath essence into the warm water, submerge your legs to the calves, and enjoy for about 10 minutes. Use ylang-ylang for harmony, lavender to wind down, and lemon balm to relax.

A spa at home

While in the bath, indulge yourself in a spa treatment of exfoliation. Exfoliate in large circular motions to aid blood circulation and help the body detox.

Mint against heat

Great for those hot summer days or after a long flight: massage your legs with a cooling mint lotion. Stay barefoot and put up your legs for about 5 minutes.

Feet up!

It sounds so easy, and yet so few of us take the time to give our feet a rest. Just do it! Put up your feet for a couple of minutes. Keep your legs uncrossed and put a cushion under your shins. This will ease the blood flow to the heart and help you relax. Your feet will thank you.

Footsie roll

After a long day on your feet, it’s good to treat them to some rest and relaxing! Sit down comfortably, so that you can easily reach your feet, anoint them with some lotion, and knead them lovingly from the tip of your toes to your heels. A firm grip is good, especially if you're ticklish.

Sleeping beauty

It has been true, is true, and always will be true: sleep is the best beauty treatment ever. Try to get eight hours of sleep at night, even though it isn't easy. If you have trouble unwinding, try to lie down and concentrate on breathing. If there's too much on your mind, write it down and put the notebook away. Sweet dreams!

Still Stressed?

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