The science behind healthy looking styles

The science behind healthy hair styles

We’ve all had bad hair days, when our hair is unmanageable and looks dull and lifeless. Braun’s Active Ion Technology, an instant frizz-fighting technology, and Braun’s unique product features like the Satin Hair Active Ion brush with seamless bristles work to neutralize static, unruly hair, leaving it shiny, frizz-free and beautifully healthy-looking.

The world of Active Ions

Thanks to Braun’s anti-static expertise and hair styling technology unruly, frizz and static is banished. Braun’s experts can guarantee beautifully healthy, glossy hair in an instant.

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Style your hair your way

Not only is the Satin Hair Active Ion brush equipped with Active Ion Technology, it also has seamless brush bristles that help prevent damage and ensure healthy looking shiny hair every time you use it

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