The world of Active Ions - Advanced hair brush technology

Thanks to Braun, hair can look and feel better than ever before. With Braun’s Active Ion technology, static is neutralized and hair is left looking healthy, smooth and radiant with shine. Discover more about how active ions can give you gorgeous hair.


What are Active Ions?

Braun’s Active Ion technology works because of the active ion output. Static, frizzy hair is caused by unruly charges on the hair’s surface but this is where Braun can help. With active ions, charges are neutralized and static is eliminated, leaving hair looking beautifully smooth and shiny.
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What are active ions?

Why Active Ion Technology is so effective

Studies have shown that the number of ions generated in different hair brushes and appliances varies from the maximum output to nothing at all. All too often brands claim to harness ion technology when actually the benefits are barely visible. For Ion technology to be effective, there has to be a combination of the right negative ions and the optimal output of ions. Braun’s Active Ion Technology delivers the optimum ion output in the shortest time possible. This ensures your hair is left looking and feeling gorgeous, shiny and healthy.

Why is IONTEC superior to other ion technologies?

Braun active ions help your hair looking smooth and shiny smooth and shiny looking hair

Ions are atoms that have lost or gained one or more electrons and have thus become either negatively or positively charged. Positive ions can be created through friction, which can be caused simply by brushing your hair. When these charged hair strands meet they repel each other causing hair to become static, frizzy and dull-looking. To combat this, negatively charged ions need to be generated in order to attract the positive and neutralize them. Once done hair is left static-and frizz-free and with a renewed smoothness and shine.

Braun IONTEC leads to smooth and shiny hair