Male grooming
  • Series shavers

    Series shavers

    Shaving with Braun is so special, giving you a particularly close and thorough shave, which you cannot only see, but also feel.

  • WaterFlex Wet&Dry shavers WaterFlex Wet&Dry shavers

    For an unbeatably close*, smooth feeling. Works with foam. *Tested against leading competitive products in the same class.

  • °CoolTec shavers


    World’s 1st shaver with active cooling technology. Braun’s °CoolTec is a revolutionary new dry shaver that has the power to take the heat out of shaving and put shaving irritation on ice.

  • cruZer shavers & trimmers cruZer shavers & trimmers

    The Braun cruZer line – versatility at its max!

Braun male grooming shavers and trimmers -
a perfect look is simply irresistible!

Just a quick splash in the face and a finger-comb for your hair? That is long past. Men now devote far more time than expected to their daily body care routines.

Looking good needs more than just a perfect shave, cool haircut and great outfit. By removing and styling body hair, looking good now begins under what you wear.

Braun gives you the perfect solution for all these needs: faithful assistants that will help you groom your beard, head and body hair. Discover the range of Braun shavers, beard trimmers and hair clippers here, and read our suggestions about how to get that really irresistible look.

The first impression does it all. Find out how to become even more irresistible here - with that tempting smooth shave or perfect beard styling, and with or without fluffy body hair.

A smooth shave

Men have about 50,000 beard hairs on average. They grow by about 0.4 millimeter every 24 hours and then feel very prickly. Find out here how to best get rid of that daily stubble.
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Facial styling

Facial styling

From goatee to soul patch to designer stubble – a beard is a cool way to spruce up your image. It can help accentuate your best features or balance some less striking ones.
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Body grooming

Body grooming

For guys around the world, manscaping has become a natural part of their grooming routine. For instance, did you know that Spaniards love shaved chests and the French are into trimmed armpits?
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