trim shave or both
Trim, shave or both - what method of hair removal is best for you?

Trimming or shaving - which hair removal method is best?

With the cruZer body, it’s easy to groom any body area. However, body hair removal doesn’t necessarily have to mean going completely clean-shaven all over. Many guys prefer a manly trim to a smooth shave and there are lots and lots of possibilities to achieve the body look you want.

With three functionalities in only one handy device, you’re spoilt for choice with the cruZer body. No matter if you want to go for a trimmed chest or clean-shaven armpits, simply pick the method of hair removal that best suits you and groom your irresistible style below the neckline.

armpit trimming


Many guys prefer cutting their body hair to a neat length to going completely bare. This hair removal method is also a good choice if you’re prone to skin irritations and want to avoid risks. The best idea is to trim your hair when it’s dry because it’s difficult to cut hair to the right length if it sticks to your body. Always pull the skin taut before trimming and choose the comb with the length you’re most comfortable with. Don’t forget to re-trim your style every now and then to keep it looking neat and tidy!

back shaving


The quickest way to a really clean look is a smooth shave. First start off with trimming your dry body hair to a short length – this makes it easier for you to clean-shave later. Now jump into the shower to soften the hair for hair removal. Apply a good shaving cream, pull the skin taut and remove the hair with gentle strokes. Afterwards, pat the skin dry and apply a moisturizing lotion to avoid skin irritation. This will leave your skin smooth and clean and you’ve got the perfect look for the gym or beach.

chest trimming


Sometimes things get a bit hectic and you need to speed up your hair removal routine a bit. A nice way to do this is to use the unique cruZer body combination mode allowing you to trim&shave in one stroke. Again, jump into the shower, pull the skin taut and let the shaver do the rest. Basically what happens is that the trimmer pre-cuts the hair short before the shaver finishes off the job – all in one swift movement. When you’re finished, just rinse the shaved area and apply some lotion – done!


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