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School For Hairy Beasts:

School For Hairy Beasts:

The five ways of stopping shaving and starting growing!

Getting started on growing a beard requires some knowledge and advice on the basics. So we focus this month on how to stop shaving. That’s because NOT shaving is essential to successfully growing a beard and becoming a hairy beast.

Ninety percent of the adult male Homo sapiens species shaves daily and each spends on average 10 minutes per calendar day on whisker removal. Now that you have left that club, we offer the following:

1. Stay:
Remain in the bathroom. Do not under any circumstance release your ten-minute shave break and create a bathroom vacancy. The bathroom is a private space and you need that time away from others and from the rest of your abode to selfishly keep your own.

2. Ponder: Think time is good time. Sit down on the commode during your ten-minute no-shave break and think about how great it is to be a guy.

3. Silence: What happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom. You need not convey and communicate your decision for beard growth. It is obvious that something is happening to you. Let others wonder and try to figure it out. Enjoy the bewilderment beard growth provokes.

4. Admire: Don’t resist the urge to check yourself out. Frequently. If men did not admire their own bodies, then there would never be such a thing as m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.i.o.n. So yes, 100% of men admire their own bodies. Be one.

5. Donate: Give time to other manly grooming activities. Consider beginning shoe shining, nail & cuticle clipping, nostril hair snipping, ear haircuts, and other manscaping activities such as shoulder & back hair grooming, and/or pubic trimming.

Author Mohawk Matt is Founder & Chief Barber at Bolt Barbers. Follow him on Twitter @mohawkmatt.