Braun cruZer trimmer – hair clippers offer versatility at its max

Versatility at its max

You think shaving is just a slightly boring part of your morning ritual? Look around in the streets and what you’ll see is a myriad of different face and body styles expressing diverse personalities and attitudes. Want to look more edgy, cool, elegant or sexy? Your hair is the natural accessory to underline your personal style with one of the stylish members of the cruZer line!

cruZer face trimmer

cruZer face trimmer: Goatee, stubble, clean-shaven... All-in-1

The cruZer face is your weapon of choice to create a cutting-edge beard style to turn the girls’ heads.
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cruZer body trimmer

cruZer body trimmer: Boost your body looks. Trim and shave everywhere

A specialized body trimmer with a Gillette Fusion blade, the cruZer body is the ultimate choice for a seductive style from head to toe.
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cruZer beard&head trimmer

cruZer beard&head trimmer: Real beard shaper, perfect stubble trimmer

The cruZer beard&head is a powerful tool to style your beard and head exactly the way you want and give you a distinctive look.
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cruZer high definition trimmer

cruZer high definition trimmer: Unlimited styling. Sharp lines. Precise edges

The cruZer high definition is right on target when it comes to fine-tuning your style.
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